Chen Zhi Cambodia Visionary Entrepreneur

Chen Zhi Cambodia Prince Group Chairman

Neak Oknha Chen Zhi Cambodia is the chairman of Prince Holding Group, more commonly known and referred to as Prince Group, one of Cambodia’s most dynamic and fastest growing business conglomerates.

While Prince Group has a rather prolific presence in Cambodian economy and society, the man behind it all remains largely of an enigma to Cambodians and indeed the large majority of the population, which further fuels interest in wanting to find out more details and know more about this businessman.

It is interesting to note that Chen Zhi Cambodia has managed to stay away from the public eye all this while, despite the fact that the business organisation let by him interacts with all aspects of Cambodian life on a daily basis, via the various business divisions and subsidiaries under its holding.

The probably gives a lot of credit to the management team that he has assembled to run the operations of the vast business group on his behalf.

Known to his staff and associates as Prince ChenZhi at times, most of what we can gather about the man comes from the official statements, press releases and other write-ups that are published on the websites of businesses owned by Chen Zhi Prince Group.

And again, these information are presented in the commercial contexts that Prince Group is involved in and rarely delve into the more personal aspects of the chairman of the group himself.

Even on the Chen Zhi prince group Cambodia official social media accounts – Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, for instance, posts are mainly retweets of news and articles related to Cambodia in the areas of education, community building and so on.

What is increasingly more visible to the public though, is the slew of philanthropic and charity activities that Chen Zhi Prince Group has been involved in over the years, in the midst of, and continuing beyond the pandemic and well we expect well into the future.

Besides donations and contributions to impoverished regions and communities throughout Cambodia where able, Cambodia ChenZhi is also passionate about the long-term growth and capability development of the Cambodian people, and as such as directed efforts to areas such as education, sports and vocational training to name a few.

The collective philanthropic and charitable efforts of the group are spearheaded by Prince Foundation, a separate unit within the group just for this purpose.

Among the various initiatives and projects undertaken by the foundation, of special mention is the the Chen Zhi Scholarship, the education bursary scheme which carries the name of the chairman himself.

The scholarship – an effort in conjunction with Cambodia’s Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport – is an annual scheme that will provide full tuition fees and stipends for 400 selected students over 7 years to pursue their university degrees at top Cambodian universities including Royal University of Phnom Penh, National University of Management, and Institute of Technology of Cambodia. In total, Prince Group Cambodia will fund this endeavour to the tune of US$2 million.

From what we can seen that has been put into motion and implemented on the ground, Cambodia Prince ChenZhi seems to have great aspirations for Cambodia and its people, and is demonstrably investing considerable resources in his personal capacity as well as that of Prince Group’s, into a wide variety of projects involving different sectors of the Cambodian populace.

It is encouraging to see corporations with the means to make the conscious efforts to uplift the community and more so if it is led from the top.

Who is Chen Zhi

Chen Zhi is a Cambodian entrepreneur and the founder of Prince Holding Group. It is one of the largest business groups in Cambodia, with various business units focusing on three core areas: real estate development, financial and consumer services. Chen Zhi is also the founder of Prince Foundation, a well-known corporate charitable foundation focusing on improving education, healthcare, and community engagement issues through public-private partnerships.

Chen Zhi is a Cambodian entrepreneur and the founder of Prince Holding Group

Neak Oknha Chen Zhi through the business group that he controls, has business interests that span across multiple sectors and industries. These include investments in the real estate development, hospitality, banking and finance, aviation, retail as well as entertainment among many others.

Who is Chen Zhi but perhaps a highly motivated overachieving businessman who is probably set on making a mark in Cambodia for years to come.

Chen Zhi background

Chen Zhi background is largely unknown as little information can be gathered from publicly available sources. What is known is that he came to Cambodia in 2010 and has sinec been actively building up his business empire in the Kingdom.

While Chen Zhi background remains vague at best, the business conglomerate – Prince Group – that he has built has been very visible in Cambodia society, with many consumer-facing business units in areas of banking, aviation, retail, property development and more.

It is hard to pick an industry or sector in the country that Prince ChenZhi and Prince Group have not gotten involved in.

Chen Zhi Prince Group

Neak Oknha Chen Zhi is the Chairman of Prince Holding Group. As chairman, Chen Zhi has turned Prince Group into a leading conglomerate that adheres to international standards, invests in the future of the Kingdom and is committed to sustainable business practices.

Nicknamed at times as Cambodia Prince ChenZhi, Chen Zhi has expanded Prince Group Cambodia greatly over the last 10 years since he set foot onto Cambodia.

Aside from his business activities, Chen Zhi actively engages in helping Cambodian communities with philanthropic efforts through the group’s charitable arm, Prince Foundation.

Cambodia Chen Zhi

Neak Oknha Chen Zhi has been recognised with regional and international business awards over the past 2 years especially in recognition of his contributions to Cambodia’s fight against Covid-19, including a US$3 million donation to the Cambodian government for the purchase of vaccines, and a further US$3 million donation to further anti-pandemic efforts.

Cambodia ChenZhi also led Prince Group in getting its entire staff force – some 3,000 strong – to be fully vaccinated as part of its corporate response to the outbreak.

For the above efforts, Cambodia ChenZhi was recognised with a Gold Stevie® Award in the Entrepreneur of the Year – Conglomerates category for 2 consecutive years.

Prince Group Cambodia

Prince Holding Group is a leading business group in Cambodia that arranges its business units along 3 core areas of real estate development, financial services and consumer services. Its stated mission is “building a better life” for Cambodia and cambodians.

The sprawling business conglomerate is led by naturalised businessman Cambodia ChenZhi.

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