Neak Oknha Chen Zhi Prince Group Chairman

Chen Zhi Prince Group

Neak Oknha Chen Zhi Prince Group has many business interests in Cambodia. He is the Chairman of Prince Group, which is one of Cambodia’s leading large-scale integrated enterprise groups. The group covers real estate, banking and finance, tourism, aviation, technology, catering, logistics, lifestyle and entertainment, and many other sectors.

Investment in the banking industry is his main interest. Neak Oknha Chen Zhi has other business interests besides banking investment. They encompass various sectors of Prince Group.

Chen Zhi Prince Group ESG Passion

Neak Oknha Chen Zhi has a deep passion for his contribution to the environmental and social development of Cambodia. They are part of Prince Group’s ESG initiatives, which he leads from the front always.

One of the ESG initiatives is the Launch of Prince Manor Resort, which they use to raise awareness for Sustainable Agriculture in Cambodia.

Earlier in 2020, Chen Zhi Prince Group kickstarted the Ecological Agriculture Plantation at Prince Manor Resort located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It will implant the seed for change in Cambodia by giving Cambodians an opportunity to learn modern farming techniques. 

The Ecological Agricultural Plantation, being the state-of-the-art agricultultural hub at a new real estate development, is one of the key attractions at Prince Manor Resort. Officially launched in October, Prince Manor Resort is an international eco-resort spanning 136,000 square meters.

At the resort, visitors will be able to get a view of the sustainable agricultural practices by learning how modern technology is employed and managed by various agriculture experts from international and Cambodian teams. One example is the 10,000 square meter plantation which has a 24-hour intelligent monitoring system that controls temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, sunlight and more. The plantation is also equipped with a state-of-the-art reverse osmosis water filtration and intelligent water and fertiliser integrated system. Another good feature of the resort is the greenhouse where it grows suitable flora and fauna by using resources from the region.

With all the good features, the Ecological Agriculture Plantation will be an educational exploration avenue for visiting students, families and other stakeholders. Being a responsible corporate conglomerate, Chen Zhi Prince Group has launched the resort with the long term development of local tourism and agriculture industries in Cambodia in mind to support.

Prince Group actually realised this in 2020 and heavily encouraged companies in Cambodia to follow ESG principles in the country. Since April, the Group has donated heavily to fight the pandemic and assist flood victims. These efforts are part of the brainchild of Neak Oknha Chen Zhi Prince Group Chairman. He has been the driving force behind these donation efforts.

Carving a strong foothold imprint in Cambodia, Chen Zhi Prince Group have donated US$500,000 to help in the fight against the pandemic. They have also provided pandemic supplies worth over US$600,000. In October, Chen Zhi Prince Group further strengthened the foothold by providing flood relief support, including 300 cartons of instant noodles, 100 tons of rice  and 1,000 cartons of drinking water for flood hit victims in Cambodia. In all, the total value is US$75,000. Out of the donations, Chen Zhi personally made donations of US$500,000 to help the victims. In December, PHG made a huge cash donation to assist the government with its COVID-19 response. This donation will help the government procure and distribute free vaccines to Cambodians.

Another ESG initiative was made by Prince Real Estate Charitable Foundation Organization, which is the Group’s philanthropic arm. Over the years, it has launched more than 240 charitable events that seek to ameliorate the lives of Cambodian people through fund and supplies donations worth over US$11 million. More than 320,000 people have benefitted from this initiative so far.

Sports development is well documented in Cambodia. Generally, countries with a healthy sporting culture come with improved social cohesion and reduced healthcare costs. As a strong believer in Cambodia’s potential, Chen Zhi Prince Group sees Cambodia’s potential in sports development. He participates in this opportunity, which he believes can help raise Cambodia’s international standing.

When Cambodia will be hosting the SEA Games in 2023 for the first time, there are high expectations for the sportspersons. This SEA Games will be a tournament that will boost Cambodia’s tourism significantly. During the SEA Games in the Philippines in 2019, Chen Zhi Prince Group made contributions to the efforts of the Volleyball Team of Cambodia in SEA Games. There were more than 750,000 visitors to the archipelago nation.

Prince Group, under the leadership of Chairman Chen Zhi, made a contribution of US$500,000 to the local volleyball federation for supporting training and competition preparation activities. This was done ahead of the 2019 SEA Games. In July 2019, the group organised a visit to Fujian, China, to oversee an intensive 2-month training program for 21 Cambodian players. Approximately US$100,000 was contributed by Chen Zhi Prince Group. This amount of money also helped to sponsor the team for visits to competitions held in Thailand.

Chen Zhi is energetic about creating additions to Cambodia’s ecological and cultural turn of events. He has been consistent in front lining Prince Group’s ESG activities. Being an able corporate resident, Prince Group has opened the Prince Horology Vocational Training Centre, which is the first autonomous watch school in Cambodia. This school will train Camboians in another distinctive expertise which is watchmaking. In line with exacting guidelines illustrated by administrative bodies in Switzerland, this instructional hub serves to equip Cambodian trainees with the essential experience in the occupation markets in both Cambodia and abroad.

With a rich history, Cambodia has accumulated high quality abilities over time. One of them is the antiquated handwoven silk and customary craftsmanship, with a business legacy that goes back to the time of the Khmer Empire. This ancient period is highly appreciated by Chen Zhi of Prince Group.

This watchmaking school is an integral component of Chen Zhi Prince Group’s ESG endeavours in the nation. As part of the ESG initiatives, the centre offers scholarships to Cambodia’s local students and extends to those who require financial assistance, that ranges from a 50% subsidy of school fees to a fully paid scholarship. Accommodation is included in the scholarship. Since the school’s launch, the pioneering group of students have started their journey of watchmaking. World leading watchmakers, which include Maarten Pieters, have been hired by Prince Group. Maarten Pieters is formerly a director of Switzerland’s leading watchmaking school, which is the Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Educational Program (WOSTEP).

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